8 Steps To Happiness

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In these modern times, it sure can be hard to be happy. However, if you follow these simple advice, you can be satisfied with your life in no time.

1. Love yourself

Everybody should primarily love themselves for others to love them, because love is the foundation of happiness. People who love themselves are those who are satisfied with the image they have of themselves, those people are confident, and they are sure in their own being.

Such people are happy, smiling, positive, optimistic, simply “gloving” due to their satisfaction. It has been proved that happy people have very modest expectations, which means that they can easily get what they want. You should set realistic goals that can be achieved and be proud of them. Gradually change small things you don’t like about your personality and seek to become the best version of yourself. You only have one life, why not be confident and happy.

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2. Live in the present

The worst thing you can do for yourself is to live in the past and regret things that you should’ve done differently. This kind of thinking will make you feel depressed for sure.

Also, do not dream of a perfect future that does not exist and do not worry about things that did not happened yet and may never happen, this will lead to anxiety. A person, who wants to achieve a healthy and functional life on an emotional and spiritual level, must learn to live in the present. If you don’t follow this advice, you will constantly fall into various states that will prevent you to take full advantage of the present. The only thing for us that is real and true is the present moment.


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3. Build relationships with people

Humans are social beings, and without other people, there is no normal life. To be happy you should surround yourself with people who suit you and whose company you enjoy. Also, we are happy when people around us are happy or when we help and please others.

Remember that just as we make some people feel happy, we likewise bring happiness to others. Cultivate relationships with the people you care about. Never forget the social side of life and your social skills. Accept the invitation to drink, become a member of an association, club, hang out with people and always leave the door open for new faces and new friends. Remember that being alone in depressing times will not make you feel any better.

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4. Stay active

It has long been known that regular physical activity has a big impact on physical health, but in recent years studies have shown that regular physical activity also has an impact on mental health.

Exercise increases levels of endorphin, the hormone which is responsible for improving mood and energy, and also enables better quality of sleep. Exercise greatly increases self-confidence and enthusiasm for life. So, make time in your regular schedule for any kind of exercise that suits you. It can be running, walking, dancing or any other activity that will make you sweat. It will certainly make you happier and healthier person. If you don’t think that exercise is for you, do a little experiment and work out for a week, just to see if you’ll feel better.

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5. Do not compare yourself with others

People have the habit to compare themselves to other people. We do this to feel better, to motivate ourselves or because of some other reasons. However there are more reasons against comparing with others. Such comparisons can have serious consequences for our mental health and self-confidence.

It’s okay once in a while to find the motivation for progress when comparing with someone. If someone is exemplary, good, and nice – this can make us strive to be like that person. But we’re all different and therefore a comparison with other people does not make much sense. Scientists have proved that constant comparing is bad for self-esteem, and can create envy and depression. Your success is your own and it should not have anything to do with other people’s lives.

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6. Do not worry

The survey showed that 90 percent of worries never materialize, so stop worrying about things that may never even happen. To quit worrying sounds easier than it actually is. You need to learn to recognize the worries and replace them with thinking.

Worrying is when your thoughts are occupied with problems. Thinking is when you are focused on solving this problem. Worrying is useless and thinking is a process that really brings something positive. The eastern philosophy has a saying – if there is a solution to your problem, why worry and if it does not, why worry. This means that if you can solve it there is no reason to be worried and if you can’t solve it than worrying again will not make anything better.

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7. Organize your life

It may seem to you that some other people perform all their task with ease, always look immaculate and always have time for themselves. However, that does not just happen, it all about a very good organization and planning.

Happy people pay attention to time, have goals and are well organized. That means you need to define what you need and what you should do and when to do it. Avoid stressful situations caused by the fact that you do not know how to prioritize. To become well organized will take some time practicing, but when you get this routine, it will be much easier. The most important thing is to recognize that you are not managing your time and activities well, and then working to make your performance better.

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8. Think positive

Although you have already heard this a hundred times: ‘always look on a bright side’, it is really so. On our energy thoughts that we have, things that we say and the work that we do have direct influence.

These thoughts, words and actions create feelings, and our feelings affect the way we experience life. We will not perceive the same thing exactly the same if we are sad, angry, happy or cheerful. Our emotions will affect us deeply. If for example you have a problem, consider whether there is a positive side to the story, find it and you will immediately feel better. Yes, the glass is always half full, not half empty. Try it, think about things that make you happy for one whole day, and see how will that make you feel.