8 Reasons Bacon Is Miracle Food

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

It’s nice to wake up to a smell of a roasted bacon coming from your kitchen. It is one of favorite breakfast ingredient in almost every culture. Well not just breakfast, lunch and dinner too. You think you know everything about this delicious food? Think again! We give you eight unexpected facts about all time favorite meat delicacy.

1. It is one of the best cures for hangover

We’ve all lived through those tough mornings after a hard night out, but did you know that you could make yourself feel better with some bacon. Eat some bacon and drink cup of coffee and you’ll definitely feel better.


Bacon contains amino acids which help to substitute neurotransmitters which rapidly decrease during the intensive alcohol intake. This somewhat weird benefit of bacon has been discovered by British scientists. Besides that it will help your stomach deal with all the excessive alcohol you drank the night before, and the amazing taste will help you deal with the psychological drawbacks alcohol brings. Whichever way you look at it, it will help you alleviate some of the negative effects.

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