Rules For Healthy Stomach

Photo credit: Picjumbo

Photo credit: Picjumbo

1. Don’t forget about fiber

We all know that fiber is necessary for good digestion, particularly soluble ones. Even though we usually think of it in a situation when we are tortured by constipation or hemorrhoids, lack of fiber can also be a main reason for the occurrence of diarrhea. It is recommended that women should intake 25 grams of fiber on a daily bases and men should intake 38 grams of fiber, which can be found in brown rice, oats, nuts and seeds.

2. Eat healthy fats and proteins

Fats are no longer considered scapegoats for many health problems – from obesity to high cholesterol. Healthy fats have anti-inflammatory effect, and high-quality protein, without which the body can’t function properly. It would be perfect if you could afford organic fruit and vegetables, and meat from the private, natural farming, without additional antibiotics.

3. Don’t underestimate the importance of good nutrition

First of all, throw away junk food out of the fridge and pantry.

Even though you may adorn shiny skin, if you do not watch your diet, you should know that your stomach will definitely suffer.


We now know that there are bacteria in the stomach that can cause weight gain and you should put effort in preventing them from reproducing.

Watch for balance of bacteria, and regularly consume probiotics and other fermented products. You can easily make your own kefir, which improves digestion, cleanses the body and strengthens the immune system, and it is healthier and cheaper than buying one in the store.

4. Take your time to eat

Although it was pointed out for years, it does not hurt to repeat. Take time to eat. Listen to what your body tells you about what it needs, and peacefully chew each bite of healthy food.

After a balanced and healthy small meal that you have eaten in peace, you will feel full longer than if you hastily threw in two hamburgers after which you thought that you will explode, not to mention that you will not have that feeling of heaviness in the stomach nor will you be overwhelmed by fatigue and cravings for sweets.

5. Avoid sugars, or even better, throw them out completely

You can easily prevent over-accumulating of fungi in the digestive tract, but also improve the appearance of the skin by throwing the sugars out completely, or at least reduce their consumption to a minimum. Sweet helps release of insulin, which increases its level, and that is proven to be related to various inflammatory processes in the body. Not to mention diabetes.

6. Carbohydrates all around you

No, they are not the devil itself. They are an important component of a balanced diet. Just make sure you do not over consume them, especially the bad ones. Stomach is hiding serotonin (hormone of happiness), and it is released by eating carbohydrates.

As we mentioned, there are good carbs and the ones you should be afraid of, which come in the form of cookies, white pasta and baked goods. Rather choose carbohydrates that will slowly release serotonin, and still be god for your health: vegetables, fruits and whole grains.