3 Simple Garden Tricks

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Whether it’s small garden in your yard, or abundance of house plants, if you are the nature person you probably have your own small oasis at home. While it is hard to master all the knowledge regarding this subject, it is best to take small steps, one at the time. So this time we bring you three interesting tricks you can use at your home garden.

1. Restrain the bamboo

Before you create a bamboo hedge, it would be desirable to create a barrier that will prevent the roots from spreading in unwanted directions, for example, to the neighboring garden. Here is what you need to do:

– dig a hole one meter wide, 50 cm deep and as long as you want your hedge to be;
– use regular tiles or bricks to cover the side of the trench you want to protect;
– on the bottom lay couple of centimeters of fertile soil, plant the bamboo and fill the rest of the hole with that same soil.

2. Speed up the growth of ivy


Varieties with darker leafs develop faster than the ones with patterns.

The growth and branching of this popular liana can be accelerated if you put young offshoots into the ground and fasten them, after which they will start to release new roots and new shoots.

To help development of the plant, on top of laid branches put rolled newspapers and water them lightly. After a week, new offshoots will appear which you need to direct upward.

3. How to change color of hydrangea flower

Color of the flowers of hydrangeas depend on few things, but also on the composition and acidity of the substrate, and they can be light pink, pink, red, purple, white, blue… However, if you know some tricks you can change shade of this beautiful flower by yourself: purple and blue colors will appear when in the soil, at the time of the appearance of buds, you add tablespoon of chopped alum several times. Blue shade can also be made by adding in the immediate vicinity of the root pine needles or nails.

In the past the flowers were changed to blue thanks to the gardeners who in the plot around the plant poured ink for fountain pens. Adding coffee grounds in the ground reduces the pH of soil so pink flowers of hydrangea becomes blue, so the plant, which is normally acidophilus (prefers acid soil), will suit substances contained in this popular beverage. For the record, when it comes to white varieties of hydrangea, their color cannot be changed.