24 Short Rules For Flat Belly

photo credit: Pixabay

photo credit: Pixabay

Exercise is still most effective way to keep the weight off, but besides that we bring you 24 great effortless ways to achieve this famous myth – a flat stomach, in a quick and easy way.

1. In the morning drink a cup of ginger tea. It will speed up the digestion and prevent inflating the abdomen. 2. Instead of breakfast make the egg white omelet. 3. Eat a banana. It is packed with potassium, which regulates water retention in the body.

4. Discard onion, artichokes, corn, kale, chard, spinach and mushrooms from your diet. These foods are healthy, but they cause flatulence. 5. Forget about chewing gum because while chewing you swallow air, which causes bloating. 6. Avoid energy bars and sweets that contain grains and sweeteners.

7. Enjoy your meals with parsley because it is a powerful regulator of digestion. 8. Enjoy dark chocolate which contains 70 percent of cocoa or more. 9. Starting in morning eat more small meals every three or four hours. This will stimulate digestion. 10. Eat slowly. This way you swallow less air, and a well-chewed food gets digested faster.


11. Replace juices with water with lemon. Drink plenty of this water because lemon is a strong diuretic, and you hydrate metabolism.

12. Avoid drinking through a straw as you will swallow more air.

13. Avoid sodas and sweet drinks. Bubbles and sugar are worst combination for your stomach.

14. Replace white bread and pasta with the ones made from whole grains because they are rich in fibers that are essential for digestion. 15. Avoid fatty foods because they are difficult to digest.

16. Restrain yourself from alcohol, at least until the parties, because alcohol, especially in excessive amounts can disrupt the intestinal flora and that can cause bloating. 17. Walk at least 15 minutes a day, every day. This will make your metabolism speed up. 18. During the rest of the day, drink one more ginger tea and add cinnamon to it.

19. Skip the milk and cheese because these products can cause flatulence in adults. 20. Drink the probiotics, they are full of good bacteria that regulate digestion.21. Skip the dinner, or eat it a bit earlier than usual and make it light.

22. Take a bath with cup of sea salt. Magnesium from it causes sweating which expels fluids from the body. 23. Look out for salty foods. This kind of food retains the water in your body. 24. If you are hungry, instead of snacks chose something healthier like almonds. They will not cause bloating, and they will fill you up.