10 Ways To Upgrade Your Style In 2016

Photo credit: Pixabay

At the end of each year we draw the line and turn over a new leaf. Here are top ten fashion rules for middle-aged women on how to upgrade a wardrobe, find your trademark and bypass transient trends.

1. Choose your own neutral color

It’s time to discover, if you have not already, a key neutral color that perfectly suits your skin tone and hair color. It could be dove gray, ivory, navy blue or chocolate brown. When you find your shade it will dictate the rest of your wardrobe.

2. Lose animal print

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she really has to lose pieces with leopard print and move on. Mixing multiple animal prints is a big no-no, especially for women over thirty. Also, try to avoid leather because it is a rough material and middle age women need something gentler, for example, cashmere.


3. Ignore passing trends

This includes things like: Peter Pan collar, bushy fake fur jackets and flashy socks. When you reach a certain age, these things should be left to the younger generation. The same goes for transparencies, fishnet stockings, glittery eye shadow and strapless dresses. Get rid of all this.

4. Find your trademark

When you find one, stay faithful to it even when it does not support the current trends. There is something incredibly chic when you know yourself, find your direction and firmly take hold.

5. New pair of jeans – every year

This is one of the basic investments, not a fad. Good jeans that fit will complete your wardrobe. Strike the right cut, color and appearance is exactly what will single you out as the lady of style. In this season we recommend a model with a high waist in dark blue color.

6. Accessories

As years pass by many discover the ultimate satisfaction in scarves. It could be related to maturity, because you must have expressed scarves fashion taste, and that is something that comes with age.

They are excellent ally in disguising the neck, where the years show the most. And besides them – glasses. Invest in a good quality pair of sunglasses and wear them as often as possible.

7. Do not ignore bra

Your body changes with years and the breasts unfortunately become more relaxed. High quality bra in the right size will do wonders for your figure and overall appearance.

8. Note on quality

This is a matter of pure mathematics. The price of one expensive piece divided by the number of times you wore it reveals its true value, and this equation becomes increasingly important as the years pass.

The best approach is to shop smart, look for bargains and know your favorite brands. Spend more money into fewer pieces – a quality coat, for example, instead of four pairs of tights, two sweaters and cheap ring jewelry.

9. Invest in your hair

If you spend money, invest it in the hair. Phenomenal colors and a modern hairstyle will give you that youthful look, not to mention that you’ll be more attractive. As you get older, consider lightening your hair a shade or two.

10. Magic formula

Another important equation is the length of skirts and heels height, they must be inversely proportional to the depth of the neckline. If skirt is short, blouse should be more closed, and vice versa.