10 Reasons Why Summer Camps Are Good For Kids

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

If you have second thoughts or you are not informed enough we made list of ten reasons why summer camps are great for your children, especially nowadays days when computers and other technology prevails.

1. Physical activity

This is very important part of everyday schedule in every camp. Children are active during the whole day, doing all kinds of sport – from morning gymnastics, to soccer, basketball, volleyball and other collective games.

2. New experiences

Staying in camp brings new experiences for the kids. Exciting, interesting and challenging activities in joyful company help develop kid’s self-esteem. That is why memories from camps stay so long in children’s memory.

3. Getting over fears and shyness

Encouraging child to go to camp in unfamiliar surroundings prepares it for life. Some activities may be challenging at the beginning but with support of educated staff and new friends, child will be motivated to overcome its fears.

4. Independence

Children in summer camps learn to take care of themselves. They also choose activities on their own, make decisions and get around in unfamiliar situations. That strengthens their confidence and makes them more independent.


5. Friendship

Children get to know each other very fast and bond during the time spent in the camp. It is because they do everything together while they are there – playing, having fun, laughing, talking…

6. Detachment from digital world

Far away from television, cell phones, computers and internet children in summer camps discover their inner nature as much as the world around them. They get involved in real world, meet real people and enjoy that.

7. Creativity

Many activities in camp are designed to develop children imagination and creativity. In almost all camps there are musical, acting and art workshops in which kids can develop their talents.

8. Bonding with nature

For most of the year city kids are condemned on sterile surroundings where concrete and asphalt are everywhere. Camps are always situated in nature so it is ideal opportunity to spend as much time as possible outside breathing fresh air.

9. Emotional maturity

Unlike home where all children are privileged, when they stay in camp they realize that they are just one of 20 or so in the group.

Very quickly child has to realize that its needs are not only thing that is important.

It means that the child develops tolerance on frustrations and that it learns to cope with unpleasant situations as well.

10. Rules of behavior

In every camp there are rules and regulations, and one of the basic is that all the children are equal and that all of them have same rights, responsibilities and obligations. This way kids learn to fight for themselves without compromising others. Violence and aggressive behavior is not permitted.