10 Foods That Will Keep You Fresh All Day

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Living in this day and age can be quite demanding. People live fast pace life and a lot of energy is required to get you through the day. Unfortunately the public is often misinformed about their diet and what sort of food they should eat, so we felt obligated to provide you with the list of super foods which will give you more than enough energy to do all the things you have planned.


Eggs are very good source of proteins meaning that they can do wonders for your muscles while also helping speed up your metabolism. They are quite rich in vitamins B and D which are transforming food into energy so we could say that this is why people often start their day with eggs.


Vitamin B is a key in breaking up carbohydrates which then become glucose – a fuel for our organism. Besides that vitamin B found in soy is responsible for delivering oxygen to all different parts of our body making us feel fresh.



Cereals are releasing glucose into our bloodstream which makes them one of the main reasons why we feel strong and hyped. We should also mention that they are rich in fibers which help with cholesterol as well.

Different nuts

Whether you consume them between your meals or as an additive to one, nut products are very good for you considering they are filed with healthy fats, proteins and fibers.

Besides that you shouldn’t feel hungry because of high protein levels and eating them after training or long day at the work will make that exhaustion go away like it is nothing.


Basically this is a cereal with most proteins that you can find. Quinoa is a very good source of nutrients and it helps your body build up energy balance thanks to minerals and carbohydrates. Cardiovascular and digestive systems are positively affected as well.

Pumpkin seeds

Similar to Quinoa, pumpkin seeds are a great food which will raise your energy levels considerably. Professional athletes are making shakes using these seeds so they could speed up their recovery process while also keeping energized.

Goji berries

Although these are being used for centuries as a super food in China, not so many people have heard for these miracle berries. They are very good for your bloodstream while also stimulating the activity of brain, cells and muscle tissue.

Chocolate milk

Believe it or not, 80 percent of chocolate milk is made out of water, potassium, sodium and electrolytes which are responsible for water levels in our organism thus keeping your muscles functioning properly. We are losing electrolytes by sweating so the chocolate milk can be great but also tasty source of energy while exercising.


We are not talking about the energy drink here, but the berries of Brazilian bush – Guarana has almost double amount of caffeine than coffee itself.


Consisting out of just 100 calories while also being highly nutritive is quite incredible. Abundance of fibers, magnesium and calcium are making sure your brain keeps working properly. The fact that it improves digestion is also one of advantages of this delicious fruit.