9 Incredibly Beneficial Fruits You Can Buy At Your Local Store

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Fruit is the nature’s candy and even though many of them are delicious and incredibly beneficial, we still don’t consume them as much as we should. Make yourself fell better physically and mentally with these nine super fruits you can buy at your local store.

1. Berries

One thing that is common to all types of berries is that they are rich with flavonoids. They help the fruit to mature in the sun, without getting burnt. In fact, flavonoids have function of an antioxidant. It is believed that these antioxidant mechanism of flavonoids help maintain our health as well.


Although exact process is not yet completely studied, it is definitely confirmed that the higher intake of flavonoids is associated with lower risk of atherosclerotic plaques that can lead to blocked blood vessels. It is proved to be favorable in the prevention of breast, ovarian, pancreatic and esophageal carcinoma, as well as gastric ulcer disease. In addition, they have positive impact on the health of the nervous system, particularly the brain.

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