8 Tricks For Quick And Efficient Makeup

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Due to the accelerated pace of life and everyday rush and delays, we often have very little time for fixing daily makeup. That’s why we bring you eight clever quick-tips that will considerably help you when it comes to makeup and saving time.

1. Eyebrows

If you belong to group of people who look at least 10 times better when their eyebrows are neat, let it be your no. 1 priority.


However, instead of spending a lot of time grooming them, as a first aid, you can use the pen to correct irregular areas. Then darken them a little bit with mascara to get a more natural look. Lately, the Japanese method of drawing eyebrows is getting more and more popular. It is semi-permanent method that will help you skip pen for correcting irregular areas. And the best part is that it will last when you hit the gym, beach or a pool. Eyebrows drawn with this method will last for around two years and they look very good.

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