10 Stunning Places To Visit This Summer

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

2. La Roque – Gageac

La Roque – Gageac is one of the most beautiful villages located in France.Riverside houses built just underneath the cliffs will take your breath away. Chateau da la Malartrie is there for those seeking interesting architecture from the 19th century.


Up the cliffs, you will be able to find medieval houses as well as some troglodyte caves. Landmark of this small village would be the Manoir the Tarde, a 15thcentury manor which provides and amazing view of La Roque. Interestingly you will see palm trees and other tropical vegetation around so don’t be surprised. Taking a canoe ride, exploring caves, visiting dinosaur parks or a trip to the historic town of Sarlat should make up for a great vacation. It is unique and beautiful place you’ll never forget.

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